Grad Students

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Ata Akhlaghi

DHT 605C
Ethics, Philosophy of Race, Feminist Philosophy, Asian Philosophy
BA Philosophy, St. Mary's College of Maryland

Jewelle Bickel
Specialties:Epistemology, Philosophy of Religion
Bio:BA Philosophy, Classics, University of Texas;
MA Philosophy of Religion, Yale University 

Eli J. Brandom

DHT 620

Sammuel R. Byer

Daniel D. Cheon

Guy M. Crain

Jason Daft

Jordan Droira

Office:DHT 605C
Specialties:Philosophy of Religion, Epistemology
Bio:BA Philosophy, Florida International University

Tyler Eaves
Office:DHT 616
Specialties:Ancient Philosophy, Metaphysics,
Philosophy of Religion, Medieval Philosophy

BA Philosophy, University of Tennessee-Martin

Marissa D. Espinoza
Office:DHT 605C

Cheryl Frazier

Office:DHT 608
Specialties:Aesthetics, Ethics, Applied Ethics, Biomedical Ethics
Bio:BA Philosophy, Barry University

Jeremy Fried

Office:DHT 605C
Specialties:Philosophy of Law, Aesthetics
Bio:BA Philosophy, University of Oklahoma;
JD University of California- Berkeley

Daniel Grosz
Office:DHT 611
Specialties:Epistemology, Philosophy of Religion,Early Modern, Ethics, Applied Ethics
Bio:BA Philosophy and Political Science,
Minnesota State University Moorhead

Sevcan Gugumcu
Office:DHT 619
Specialties:Ancient Greek Philosophy, Ethics, Early Modern Philosophy, Political Philosophy 
Bio:BA Philosophy, Middle East Technical University:
MA Film Studies

Luke Hillman
Specialties:Philosophy of Religion, Modern Philosophy
Bio:BA, Ouachita Baptist University

Kazi A S M Nurul Huda
Office:DHT 620
Specialties:Ethics, Epistemology, Development Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy
Bio:BA Philosophy, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh;
MA Philosophy, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Joseph D. Jones
Office:DHT 611

Zachary L. Jurgensen

Madeline Martin-Seaver

Office:Cate Center Two 332
Specialties:Aesthetics, Feminist Philosophy, Asian Philosophy, Ethics, Ancient Philosophy
Bio:BA English, Philosophy,
Notre Dame Of Maryland University
Dissertation: The Aesthetics of Respect

Chase McCumber

Zachary Milstead
Office:DHT 605C
Specialties:Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, Philosophical Logic, History of Modern Philosophy
Bio:BS Management Information Systems, University of West Florida;
MA in Philosophy, Western Michigan University

Kevin T. Nordby

S.N. Nordy
Specialties:Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion
Bio:MA Philosophy, Virginia Tech;
Graduate Certificate, Religious Studies, Virginia Tech

Max G. Parish
Specialties:Ethics, Applied Ethics, Philosophy of Religion, Ancient Philosophy
Bio:AS Aviation Maintenance Technology, Reedley College;
BA Philosophy, University of Illinois-Springfield; MA Philosophy, University of Oklahoma
Dissertation: "Normativity, Human Nature and Practical Reason: A New Solution to an Old Problem"

Seth Robertson

Office:DHT 612
Specialties:Ethics, Moral Psychology, Early Chinese Philosophy, Logic
Bio:BA Philosophy, Politics, & Economics,
Juniata College;
MA Philosophy, University of Houston

Arielle Rodriguez

Office: DHT 608
Specialties:Ethics, Moral Psychology, Decision Theory, Ancient Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy 
Bio: BA Philosophy, Montclair State University 

Ziming Song
Office:DHT 612

Amin Sophiamehr
Specialties:Ancient Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Medieval Philosophy, Islamic Philosophy, Epistemology
Bio:BA Philosophy, University of Oklahoma;
MA International Areas Studies

Dave M. Spindle

Raymond B. Stewart
Office:DHT 605C

Alexander I. Velasquez
Office:DHT 605C
Bio:AA Hebrew Studies, Los Angeles Valley College; BA Philosophy, UCLA

Joseph C. Weaver
Office:DHT 616

Wen Hui Xie

Office:DHT 619

*LGBTQ Allies are trained resource and support people for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning members of the OU community.  They are available for confidential discussions with anyone who has needs or concerns.