Heather Demarest

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. in Philosophy, Rutgers
BPhil in Philosophy, Oxford
BA in Philosophy and Physics, University of Colorado, Boulder
Research areas: Philosophy of Science, Metaphysics, and Philosophy of Physics

Dale Hall Tower 622
(405) 325-2410
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I work on metaphysical interpretations of physics. The equations of physics leave many questions unanswered. For instance, what are the laws of nature? What are the most fundamental properties? What is spacetime? What is quantum indeterminacy? What is chance? I approach these questions from a metaphysical perspective.

Recent courses:

Philosophical Issues in Physics and Cosmology (PHIL 3623)
Metaphysics (PHIL 4513/5513)
Self and Identity (PHIL 3503)


For a list of publications, visit my personal page.