Jeffrey Purinton

Adjunct Lecturer
Ph.D., Princeton (Classics)
Research areas: Ancient Philosophy, Ethics

(405) 325-6324
office hours

Jeffrey Purinton considers himself the most entertaining lecturer in the department.  He teaches from cartoonish overheads and keeps his classes hopping.  His tests are tough, but, at the end of the day, his grading is fair.  Or so he says.

He has published articles on Epicurus and Aristotle, and is currently writing an article entitled "Socrates Unmasked" in which he claims to have solved the supposedly insoluble 'problem of Socrates'.

His main hobby is competitve Scrabble, at which he has achieved expert status.  The index cards you'll see him studying while smoking are Scrabble study cards.

He also claims to have great taste in music, with Radiohead and Bright Eyes his current faves.  Burn him a CD and he'll tell you whether it's any good.  He won't lie to you.  He never lies.