Monte L. Cook


Ph.D., Iowa
Research areas: History of Modern Philosophy, Metaphysics

(405) 325-6431
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My research focuses on early modern philosophy and on metaphysics. Much of my work in early modern philosophy has been on the theories of ideas of Descartes, Malebranche, and Arnauld; and much of my work in metaphysics has been on possible-worlds metaphysics. Recently I have been working on the late seventeenth-century Cartesian Robert Desgabets.



1103 Critical Reasoning (often)
3333/3833 History of Modern Philosophy (spring 2009)
3393 20th-Century Anglo-American Philosophy (fall 2008, spring 2010)
5333 Rationalism (fall 2009)
6393 Seminar: Actualism and Possibilism in Modern Philosophy (spring 2008)

Selected publications

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"Desgabets as a Cartesian Empiricist," The Journal of the History of Philosophy, October 2008, 501-515.

“Malebranche’s Criticism of Descartes’s Proof that there are Bodies,” The British Journal for the History of Philosophy, 15(4) 2007: 641 – 657.

"Tips for Time Travel" in Philosophers Look at Science Fiction, ed. Nicholas D. Smith (Chicago: Nelson‑Hall, 1982), 47‑55.

"If 'Cat' is a Rigid Designator, What Does It Designate?" Philosophical Studies 37 (1980), 61‑64.

"Arnauld's Alleged Representationalism," The Journal of the History of Philosophy, January 1974 (XII/1), 53‑62.  Reprinted in Vere Chappell (ed.), Early Modern Philosophers, Volume 4 (New York: Garland, 1992).

Works in progress:

“Cartesian Actualism”

“Malebranche’s Soft Dualism”

“Descartes on Matter”