Placement Record

The following list includes all of the PhDs in philosophy granted at the University of Oklahoma since 1992 and their initial appointments and employment histories. Non-tenure-track positions held prior to finishing the program are typically omitted, except for current students who are ABD. Students are listed by dissertation title. We have made every effort to provide complete and accurate information. If no end date is indicated, the last position listed is, to the best of our knowledge, the current position.

TT indicates a tenure-track position.
T indicates that the individual now has tenure.

ABD (dissertation in progress)

Contextualism in Theories of Metaphor: A Pragmatic Approach

2010- Barry University (lecturer)

2010- Fort Hays State University (virtual college faculty) 


Realism, Natural Kinds, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

2017 - Adjunct Instructor, Rose State College

Normativity, Human Nature and Practical Reason: A New Approach to an Old Problem

 2014- Project Assistant for The Self, Motivation & Virtue Project at the University of Oklahoma (3 years)

Parodies and Role of Medieval Ethical Concepts in the Ontological Argument

2014- Fort Hays State University (Instructor - renewable)


Emotions, Reasons, and Rationality

2016 - Adjunct Instructor, Westmoreland County Community College 

Friendship and the Cultivation of Virtue

2016 - Professor of Philosophy, University of Caldas

Essays on Discourse By and About the Divine

2016 - Pursuing additional graduate studies at the Institute for Analytic and Exegetical Theology, University of St. Andrews (Scotland)

Trust: On Acts and Attitudes of Trust

2016 - Adjunct Instructor, Oklahoma City Community Colleges and University of Central Oklahoma

Skeptical Theism and Epistemic Propriety

2016 - Pursuing additional graduate studies at the Institute for Analytic and Exegetical Theology, University of St. Andrews (Scotland)

Waging Peace: A Defense of Interpersonal Pacifism

2014- Rose State College (Professor - TT)


On the Methodological and Normative Foundations of Probabilism
2017- Westmoreland County Community College, Youngwood, PA. (Instructor - permanent position)

Far From Value-Free: How a Value-Centered Scientific Pluralism Bolsters the Cognitive Credentials of Science
2015- San Jacinto College (Professor - renewable)


The Value of Aesthetic Experience
2013- Walters State Community College (Adjunct Instructor)
2014- East Tennessee State University (Adjunct Instructor)
2015- Northeast Community College (Adjunct Instructor)
2016- Fort Hays State University (Assistant Professor - renewable)
2017- Tulsa Community College (Assistant Professor)

Disagreement and Skepticism: A Grecoian Response to the Skeptical Threat of Epistemic Superior Disagreement
2016- Grand Canyon University, Phoenix (TT)


A Defense of Nonreductive Mental Causation
2013- University of Central Oklahoma (Adjunct Professor - renewable)


A Rational Problem of Evil: The Coherence of Christian Doctrine with a Broad Free Will Defense
2008- Tyndale University College (TT)

Climate Change and Human Rights: Creating Norms to Govern Earth's Atmosphere
2012- University of Tennessee (lecturer - full-time, renewable)

Heroes Great and Small: The Rebirth of Honor
2007-9 Stephen F. Austin State University (instructor)


Theism, Naturalism, and Narrative: A Linguistic and Metaphysical Proposal on the Meaning of Life
2009-2010 Program Administrator for the Templeton Research Fellows Program
2010-2012 Adjunct Assistant Professor at Wake Forest University
2010- Grant Administrator for The Character Project at Wake Forest University
2012- Program Director, Centre for Philosophy of Religion, University of Notre Dame

The Virtues of Bayesian Epistemology
2006- Oklahoma State University (Visiting Assistant Professor)
2016- San Diego Mesa College (TT)


Virtue and Happiness in Plato’s Euthydemus

2010- Harvard University (TT)

A Convergence Account of Ethics and Aesthetics Through a Composite Understanding of Evaluative Judgments
2010- Barry University (TT)

A Moral Evaluation of Terrorism
2010-2011 Kansas State University (lecturer; did not seek further academic employment)

Aristotle's 'Genetic Account' and the Problem of Induction
2010- Texas State University - San Marcos (adjunct instructor)
2012- Ashford University (adjunct instructor)


In Him We Live and Move and Have Our Being: Philosophical Theology in Nicolas Malebranche and George Berkeley

2009- Biola University (TT)


Continuous Creation, Persistence, and Secondary Causation: An Essay on the Metaphysics of Theism

2007-2008 Oklahoma Baptist University

2008- Lee University (TT)

On Middle Knowledge
2007- High school teacher

Socratic Definition in Plato’s Dialogues
2007-2010 University of Maine, Farmington


Anselm’s Ontological Argument: Whole, Unified, and Complete
Did not pursue an academic appointment
Civic Education and Self-Knowledge in Higher Education
2009- Staff member at OU
2006-2009 Accepted a non-academic job instead of pursuing an academic career; adjunct instructor at the College of Santa Fe

Divine Omniscience and the Fatalist Dilemma
2006- King’s College, Wilkes-Barre, PA (TT)

An Ethical Study of Genetic Intervention Based on Rawlsian Justice and on Buddhism
2009- Chinese Culture University, Taipei, Taiwan (TT)

Rethinking Introspection: How We Know (and Fail to Know) Our Own Minds
University of Central Arkansas (TT)
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The Emergence of Objects: A Study in Constitution
Point Loma Nazarene University (T)
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Naturalized Virtue Ethics
2003- Briar Cliff University (T)

Self-Governance in Aquinas and Pre-Modern Moral Philosophy
2003- North Dakota State University (TT)

Socratic Dunameis: A Tapestry of Many Threads
2003- California State University, Bakersfield (two-year renewable appointment)
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Consciousness and Personhood in Split-Brain Patients
Southern Nazarene University (T)

The Epistemic Origins of Xenophanes' Natural Theology
2003- Senior Pastor, Kirkwood Baptist Church

Democratic Virtues: Solidarity, Tolerance, and Legal Obedience
Fall 2002 University of Mobile
Spring 2003 Spring Hill College
2006- St. Anthony’s High School
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A Whiteheadian Critique of Jaegwon Kim's Analysis of the Mind-Body Problem
2001-2005 Permanent position outside of academia
2005-2010 Pastor, Cathedral of Hope, Oklahoma City
2010- Senior Minister, First Central Congregational United Church of Christ, Omaha, NE

Kant and the Paradox of Self-Knowledge
2002- Mugla Universitesi, Turkey (permanent; T equivalent)
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An Essentialist Theory of Modality
2000- Oklahoma Baptist University (T)

The Role of Metaphysics, Common-Sense, and Interpretations of Classical Greek Philosophy in Sidgwick's Utilitarianism and Whitehead's Virtue Ethics
1999- Henderson State University (T)

Self Knowledge and Moral Virtue
1999-2001 University of Maryland College Park
2001-2007 George Washington University (3-year renewable appointment)
2007- College of Notre Dame of Maryland (T; department chair)

Minds, Causes and the Exclusion Argument
1999-2000 West Virginia University
2000-2003 James Madison University (TT)
2003-2008 Murray State University (TT)
2008- Georgia State University (full-time lecturer, continuing position)

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Social Explanation and Social Function: An Investigation of the Nature of Functional Explanation for the Social Sciences.

1999- University of Central Oklahoma (TT)

Political Principles and Indian Sovereignty

1996-1997 Lakehead University, Ontario

1997-2000 Oklahoma City University

2000- University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma Associate Professor (T; Director of American Indian Studies; Director of the Meredith Indigenous Humanities Center; Chair of the Policy Council and the Johnson-O'Malley Committee of the Combined Tribes of the Shawnee Area)

The Unity of Virtue Revisited: A Resolution to a Socratic Enigma
1996- Mesa Community College, Arizona (T)

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Individuality in the Philosophy of Charles Sanders Peirce

1995-? California State University at Pomona (TT); resigned

Principal of Resurrection Catholic School and Assistant Superintendent of Catholic Schools in Memphis

The Adjudication of Utilitarianism and Rights in the Sphere of Health Care

1999- St. Gregory’s University (T; Chair of Philosophy/Humanities Division)

Horizons of the Self: An Essay in the Socio-Semiotic and Psychological Boundaries of Personal Autonomy
1996- Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary and Cultural Studies, College of Liberal Studies, University of Oklahoma

1999- Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, College of Medicine, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Retired in 2007 from a full-time position as Director of the Pharmaceutical Diversion Division, Oklahoma State Department of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control

Psychological Ecology
1999-? Oklahoma State University
2005- South Texas College (full-time ongoing position)

Social Identity and Ethnic Formation: Some Epistemological Questions for Political Philosophy
Did not seek academic employment; employed outside academia

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Art, Autonomy, and Community
Utah Valley University (T)

Describing God
Did not seek academic employment; employed outside academia

Holistic Realism: A Marriage of Metaphysical Realism And Conceptual Relativity
1997- San Joaquin Delta Community College, California (TT)

Issues Concerning Deception and Informed Consent in Psychology Experiments
1997-1999 Minnesota Center for Biomedical Ethics (postdoc)
1999- Montclair State University (T)

Kant and Religious Passion
Employed outside academia

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The Philosophy of Rights of William Ernest Hocking
Baptist College of Health Sciences, Memphis (T) until death in September 2006

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Power and Character: The Effects of Institutional Power on the Development of Responsibility for Character
1994- Potsdam College, SUNY (T; department chair)

David Hume: A Skeptic, But Not a Pyrrhonist
1995- Southeast Arkansas College (permanent position)

What is the Matter With Mind?
1994- Elizabethtown College, PA (T)

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Educational Theory as Political Theory
1994-1996 Mesa Community College, Arizona (TT)
1996-2000 Austin Peay State University (TT)
2000-? Angelo State University (TT)
? - American Military University (full-time faculty member)

Probable Cause: A Philosophical Inquiry
1994 TT offer from Central Missouri State; declined for personal reasons
1996- University of Central Oklahoma (T)

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Ideas as Acts of Perception: A Direct Realist Interpretation of Descartes' Theory of Sense Perception
1992-1994 University of Central Arkansas (TT; resigned)
Accepted into Columbia Law School, Fall 1994, J.D. 1997
Partner, Duval & Stachenfeld, Los Angeles