Anthony Flood Visits April 8th

Anthony Flood, Associate Professor of Philosophy at North Dakota State University, will visit on April 8th as part of our 2015-2016 colloquium series. This lecture will take place at 2:30pm in Dale Hall Tower Rm. 607. Here are the title and abstract for his presentation:

Title: "Aquinas on Omnisubjectivity: An Addendum to Zagzebski"

Abstract: Linda Zagzebski has recently offered a compelling overview and defense of the notion of omnisubjectivity as a divine attribute. She defines omnisubjectivity as “the property of consciously grasping with perfect accuracy and completeness every conscious state of every creature from that creature’s first person perspective.” She contends that this notion is consistent with Thomas Aquinas’s concept of God. In this paper, I go one step further and argue that Aquinas already includes such a notion within his account. I begin by arguing that Aquinas’s view of the human being contains a rich view of human subjectivity and that this account connects to his notion of each person’s participation in God. Finally, I show how these considerations establish that divine omniscience involves omnisubjectivity.

Special thanks to the College of Arts and Sciences for their financial support for this event.

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